Gem Jewelry should not only suit on your physical personality but it should be suitable to your soul

Using precious and semi-precious stones, as jewel wearing, goes back in history of Mankind. Archaeological excavation in various zones shows the skeleton of buried bodies with rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings made of Gemstones, which belong to tens of centuries ago. The belief of Gemstones properties is as old as the history of human being on Earth and we believe this is amalgamated with human soul.
Here, at Dornari, we respect to this contemplation and this is the root and base of our strategies. At Dornari, all jewelries are handmade and all our handcraft Artists, who are very few in numbers, should know the properties of Natural Gemstones, healing astrological and physical. Therefore, they are fully aware of all subtle energy when they touch the stones. Our artists are obliged to meditate, focus and concentrate on stone’s virtues and imagine a name for the product before start making jewelries. Then they would be able to transfer their souls and spirits and prepare themselves to make a piece of artistic item. That is why we say, “At Dornari you find jewels made by hand for once, unique and not repeatable”.