Introduction to Gemstones

Gemstones, Their property and Influence

Gemstones have lived with and adorned humans for at least tens of centuries. The first known, used for making  jewelry, include turquoise, emerald, amber, amethyst, rock crystal, garnet, coral, jasper, jade, lapis lazuli, pearl, and serpentine. These Gems were reserved for the wealth and served as status symbols. Rulers sealed documents with their jewels-encrusted seals. Such treasures can now be admired at many museums and treasure-vault.

Today, gems are worn not so much to demonstrate wealth, but rather jewelry is bought increasingly for pleasure, in appreciation of its beauty.

The Nomenclature of Gemstones(1)

The oldest names for gemstones can be traced back to Oriental languages, to Greek and to Latin. Greek names,especially have left their stamp on modern gem nomenclature. The meaning of old means is not always certain, especially where the first meaning of the word has been changed. Also, in antiquity, totally different stones were given the same name simply because they may have had the same color.

Original names referred to special characteristics of the stones, such as color ( for example “prase” for its green color), their places of discovery (“agate”for a river in Sicily), or mysterious power (“amethyst” was thought to protect against drunken-ness). Many mineral names, which were later also used to name gemstones, have their origin in the miners’ language of Middle Ages.

know the properties of your gemstone

we find that the crystal and gemstones have a helpful influence if carried or worn about the body; not as an omen not merely as " good luck piece or good luck charm", but rather the source of those vibration that are needed as helpful influences for entity, and are well to be kept close to the body

(1) GEMSTONES of the world, Walter Schumann

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