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Here, at Dornari, we encourage and help you to bring the beauty and subtle energy of nature to your door. We also advise you how to use gemstones wisely and what to wear and when.

According to our moral and ethical vision and strategies all Dornari’s people are in deep believe of subtle energy principles and interventions involving the mind, body, environment and spiritual dimensions. Knowing this, Dornari has chosen its colleagues among astrologers, healers and chiropractors to take best advantage from the eminent present donated by Sky and Earth.  In addition, be able to deploy and charge them. They also should be able how to transfer these Energies to the users.

At Dornari every piece of jewelry is handmade, unique, usually very hard to repeat and they have specific purpose of making and usage. All artists are obliged to meditate for a while and try to feel the healing power of specific gemstone before start making them. For instance, the cosmic effects and energies after midnight, depending on geographical position, until 2 hours before sunrise are very different from one hour after sunrise. Alternatively, our astral body might not be in a shape to absorb much subtle energy in the afternoon. Therefore, taking all these knowledge in to considerations, our jewelry makers have to make specific jewel of specific gemstones at specific time of day for specific usage.