Bring the beauty of colors of Mother Earth to your home or place of work by Gemstone collections

According to our knowledge, researches and site visits experiences, there are more than 4500 mines all over the globe where %95 of Gemstones are extracted from and arrive in the world market. Although the majority of people use and wear Gemstones as jewelry, but there are, still many people who like to use this valuable gift of Mother Earth in their social places like offices, homes, shops etc. These groups are passion to enjoy the beauty of Gemstones and want to benefit from hundreds various properties of Gemstones as collections.
Dornari is the right place to come and find many different collections of to order those types, which you are seeking for.  These collections includes, but not limited to
• Rough Gemstones
• Rare cut, unique shape and unusual size of Gemstones
• Handmade products such as photo frames, praying beads, table lamp bases, hey chains, accessories boxes, book marks and designed table
• Rare nature shaped type of stones like Moss Agates and Amber with external objects inside and fossils
• Rare Persian Turquoise