Gemstones; personal jewelry to wear subtle healing energy to use


Dornari the Niche of Mindbody

Dornari is ancient Persian name of blue sapphire. It was also the name of “The sage lapidarian” who made the jewels out of natural rare stones, as Gemstones, for purposes of fortune, healing and glorious personage, at Old Persian Empire. Dornari is the right place for those who wish to use the Gemstones, nature’s grace and gift, in proper and wise way. Here is the house for those who are pursuing the natural stones not only as jewelry to wear but also as subtle body harmonized energy to use. Dornari is also a niche for those who want the wearing jewelry be their personal zodiac birthstone. Here, and next to us, you will find jewels made by hand for once, unique and not repeatable. Our main art is not just introducing 100% natural Gemstones, but to provide your specific personal jewels also to guide you how to utilize the most subtle energy from your own personal Gemstone, the eminent present donated by sky’s and earth’s joint chore. We recommend you when, how and what type of stone might be used and be worn in order to enable your body, astral body, and your soul benefit most from subtle energy treasure of the universe.

Healing power of Gemstones, another gift from Mother Earth

God has created human being on the earth and simultaneously deposited the Law of harmonization and Rules of Balancing and integration in Mother Earth. This is not our invention and allegation nor a new claim and assertion, but this statement is based on humankind collective awareness obtained throughout the history. Efforts to use the pure natural elements for healing, preventing illness and balancing energies have long history in many cultures, ancient and modern. Medicine and convalesce power has been the Devine Art throughout the history. Ancient cultures from Persian an Egyptian Empires to Native American Indians and Religious books, like Bible, Torah and Quran contain the story of miraculous healing power of Sage, Spirituals, Prophets and saints. It has taken hundreds of million years that earth to refine, purify and cultivate the Gemstones in its core. Many elements have been put together / segregated from one another, in order to make the miraculous substance of Gemstones. Now they are in our hands as jewels, showing beautiful colors and glorious shapes. Mother Earth has so many wondrous gifts for us if we take time to seek them out and appreciate. We believe the healing power of gemstones of the earth is among her most amazing accomplishment.

What is Gemstone Therapy and how it works

The physicists explain all matters in the universe are vibrating and sounds of vibration create everything. The frequency and pitch of sound determines how the atoms are put together. Gemstones are a tiny portion of the universe and they are certainly no exception. In unified and integrated universe, all phenomenon affect to one another, Gemstones and human bodies are not exceptional. Gemstones with their potential powerful energies, which profound resonance with the human body, are perfect energy tools. Today, tremendous number of medical researchers and physicians believe Gemstone therapies work as primary treatment and complementary to other healing treatment. Natural stones that we call them Gemstones are the result of light and illuminating spectrum. They are able to transfer astral subtle energy to our astral body. Their crystals break and analyze the lights and absorb those lights that are most compatible and harmonized to their molecule structure. They generously grant the positive energy to our soul and body.