Physical Properties and Terminology

Definition of Gemstones

Gem/Gemstones:  there is no generally accepted definition for the term “Gems” or “Gemstones”, but they all have something special, something beautiful about them. Most gemstones are minerals (e.g.,diamond), mineral aggregates (e.g., jade), or, more rarely rock (e.g., lapis Lazuli). Some are organic formations (e.g., amber), and other gem materials are synthetic origin.

For gemstones the source of specialness and the quality sought in them, are BEAUTY, RARITY and DURABILTY

BEAUTY: depends primarily on its optical properties, when impart its luster, fire,and color.The color, an unusual optical phenomenon, or the shine that makes them stand out in comparison to other stones

DURABILTY: depend on hardness and resistance to cleavage and fracture. For other stones it is hardness or interesting inclusion that makes them special

RARITY: rarityrarity also plays a role in the classification of gemstones. In the simplest sense one could say that a rare gemstone is one that is found in limited quantity. The color, size, and type are also used to determine rarity

in the following, important terms of the trade, used throughout this section are precisely explained