About Us


Our company

Dornari , as sage jewelry maker, was established in 2003. This is a family based and deep friendly partnership entity consisting various loyal experts and artists like; educated and knowledgeable designers, skilled and certified jewelry makers (silver and gold), educated and experienced healers, astrologers and internationally known business people enabling us to have many words to say and unique task to show.

Our Vision and Ethics

The mythical, varieties, beauty, historical, cultural and healing properties of precious and semi-precious Gemstones are what gathered us together. Here, at Dornari, every individual of us believes;

Our mission statements and standards

Our main mission, or main art, is the rare and miraculous conjugation of three very important field of knowledge; energy healing, astrology and lapidary. Bare this in mind we illustrate our mission as follow;
A) To interpret this phrase, “the secret is there is no secret” on the earth. Decoding of mineral stones different properties is another mission we pursue. We intend and try to elaborate this truth that “Father of sky and Mother of nature” have granted Gemstones to their mankind children but, unfortunately, is has been buried in the heart of history and they are forced to be known as superstitious thoughts. ”must cleanse the eyes, must see other ways”. “stone is not mountain garnishment, as gold is not elegant to the body of hack, there is invisible gem in earth’s palm of hands, where all messenger gazed to its glint, go for Gem”.
B) To introduce stones and Gem stones in lapidary and gemology point of view. Also to separate and distinguish the misinformation and misinterpretation about Gemstones and their usage that leads the one to very common mistakes about Gemstones.
C) To provide the proper market enhancing the collective spirits for correct and optimize usage of Gemstones based on personal interest, rather than just pretending and following the fashion.
D)  To enhance and boom the extraction of Gemstone mines, as very important and dependable wealth of most developing countries. That would lead to empowerment and employment.
E) To introduce the style of the famous and certified jewelers in order to help to establish a proper field for innovation and growth of new styles and new arrivals.
F) To enhance bilateral introduction of people and groups who are globally interested and anxious or working in field of Gemstones.
G) To ease the journey of Gemstones and their different properties and their beauty from one point to another in glob.
H) To know various artist and different creative people from different countries with vast cultures and languages who are engaged in this subject
I) To empower and enhance the creative minds dynamic intelligences of people what we believe they are unlimited and endless, by hand craft making and hand made products. In our workshops we never use machines of any kind and all our items are made by hand and we try to transfer spirit and positive energy to each piece of item.

Our people

Maryam Jafari

Lady MaryamCertified and skilled Gemologist

Maryam Jafari known as “Lady Maryam”; MA in gemology, astrologer, lapidary, PhD in political science, energy healer and gemstones subtle energy specialist

As a sage gemologist, Lady Maryam is the founder of Dornari and she is the Managing Director at the present. She has been in field of human science for more than three decades. Searching, teaching, lecturing, learning and educating have become inseparable part of her life. She ended up her Academic education in political science with PhD degree in Tehran Azad University, but shifted her interest and passion to new area of human soul and metaphysics. She has conducted lectures and courses in diversified subjects in human sciences such as world religions, religious approaches to political issues, historical basis of myths, metaphysics, personal and social psychology.

She is GIA (Gemological Institute of America) certified gemologist with degree of MA and she has passed many lapidary and vast gemology courses, both, theoretically and practically. She has been in world of semi-precious gemstones market since 1996 and Certified Vendor by San Francisco Art Commission. She designs and makes all items by her own hands specifically those of personal zodiac birth stones.

Healing and Meditation Master

She is certified Reiki Master and teacher by Yogananda Institute , awarded by International Association of Reiki Professionals . She teaches the positive effect of mineral stones on balancing of chakras.  She had her own energy healing clinic in Tehran for ten years before migrating to US. She is also magnet-therapy specialist. She has spent many years in meditation, creative visualization and mind relaxation.

Lady Maryam has passed astrology courses and is practicing Vedic astrology since 2002. One of her expertise in this regard is analysis of birth chart and determining auspicious and malevolent time. She also has studied dream interpretation in three various bases; Freud, Islamic and Aknekar

Unique Competencies

What has made Lady Maryam very unique is her art and competencies, is combination and integration of energy healing, lapidary and astrology. She modulates and introduces each individual personal gemstones base on specific hour of date and exact place of birth. This knowledge accumulation is extremely rare of kind. She has passed and been educated how to find the stones of planet and belonging of stones to planets and vise a vise.

Parisa Fotovat

Parisa FotovatAdding Parisa’s all competencies to her artistic hands, enables her to create unique and beautiful collections of handcrafts with combination of wood, stones and mother pearl. Her cooperation with Dornari, specifically deploying her astrological knowledge, has added values to company as “Sage Jewelry Maker”Parisa’s most favorite subject and her great passion is ASTROLOGY. She has completed many courses in Vedic, Western and Islamic Astrology for several years. At the moment she is focusing on official and professional astrology courses at AIFAS University. She has completed basic level as JYOTISH RATNA, intermediate level as JYOTISH BHUSHAN and advance level known as JYOTISH PRABHAKAR. She also has passed complementary studies in Samudrica Ratna (Palmistry) and Numerology at AIFAS University.Based on her belief in diminishing human’s suffer she has dedicated most portion of her life in searching existence of human’s spiritual body and healing matters. She has completed courses in YUMEIHO massage therapy and this has provided her deep knowledge in human body and spirit.Parisa is an educated artist in different and various Visualization studies. Besides to her Bachelor degree in painting and graphics, she has been awarded many prizes in her professional life such as; animations, photography, painting and graphical arts.Parisa is among those who have tremendous enthusiasms of knowing the mankind position in metaphysics knowledge and has been living with this issue for two decades. She has directed and focused all her educational path and professional way of life in this field of research, study and practice.